We truly live by the concept of quality, rigorously and consistently in all processes – from product development to series production.

The new IATF 16949:2016 standard has already been implemented in our Romanian factory and during 2018 it will be implemented all over our factories and R&D center.

In the context of our zero-fault strategy we are striving for a continuous development of our quality management system. This way, we are not only able to identify and remedy faults and mistakes but prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The Policy of Group is distributed throughout the company through appropriate communication channels and specific training activities, in order to ensure that policies are adequately understood at all levels of the organization.

We achieve our goals also in cooperation with competent partners. And we place the highest quality demands on them as well.

The principles that are guiding our activities have been laid down in our quality policy and are binding:



To keep our customers satisfied, we set the quality bar for our products, systems and processes as high as possible. In the context of our zero-fault strategy we are always striving to continuously improve our quality management system so that we are not only able to identify and remedy faults and mistakes but prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Our quality organization supports this pursuit of quality in the individual plants through a number of quality coaching and quality control measures.

In the same time, the “Academy Team” ensures the further development of the management system with respect to a global standardization and fine-tuning of processes and systems in all SIGIT’s plants. The decisive factor here is the introduction of fault prevention and a strict implementation of “lessons learned‘ routines.


Our “Focus on Excellence“ philosophy aims at achieving the highest quality for every product. It is one of the tasks of our Advance Quality Team in cooperation with the laboratory and the department of Measuring to guarantee that all components pass successfully all necessary inspections before they will enter the process for series production.

The application of various measuring and test procedures, however, starts as early as the prototype phase and accompanies the product through all phases of the product development process as well as during the entire series phase. Our customers not only benefit from secured quality standards but also from the enormous in-house competence, represented by our T&E Department, located in Serbia, specialized in the production of accurate quality gauge and poka yoke system.



The quality of our products, processes and services is a crucial factor for our success.

The SIGIT Integrated Management System has the goal to promote the CONTINUOS IMPROVEMENT of the organization, ensuring product quality, safety in the workplace and quality of the environment where we operate.

With the above approach, the satisfaction of our customers and partners takes precedence over everything else.

Our rigorous demands on quality is acknowledged by certificates.