First of all passion for out work0%

These are the key principles that guided the growth and expansion of our group.  Our company made a decision to focus its energies in an enlarged Europe stretching from North Africa to Russia, commonly called EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).  This has emerged as a mature but complex market, which has always represented the history of the group.


In an increasingly global market, competitiveness has become one of the keys of success that we have been able to offer to our customers who can in turn offer to the market the same winning solutions.  These results are possible only through continuous investment in the best available technology.



It is almost a necessary condition, even if not sufficient, to operate in any market, including in the emerging markets. Despite the quality of the product has become a mandatory step to build successful relationships, now more and more attention is paid to the quality of the service offered, in terms of on-time delivery and speed in proposing new solutions, paying attention to the sustainability of factories and productions.


Close proximity to the customer is fundamental. Thanks to Sigit locations that are at a maximum distance of 1200 km from our customers in Europe, it is possible to reduce the transportation times to less than 24 hours. Close proximity to our customers also means that support is available during design and industrialization phases based on our know-how acquired over our fifty years of company history.

But it is the passion that drives our employees every day in performing their daily work that is enabling the company to continue to be a leader in this market.

To all of them we give then our thanks!