Solid in tradition and dynamic in action


Quality, Presence, Sustainability and People are the drivers that have guided the growth and expansion of our Group, which has chosen to concentrate its energies and investment on the EMEA area.

Quality as a success for our Customers, giving them the opportunity to offer best solutions. We get highest results thanks to the continuous investment in technologies, research and development. Quality of product integrated with quality of service, supporting and coaching our Customers as project partners.

Be Aware of the impacts that our activities have in the different contexts we operate, is fundamental to a sustainable development internally, to ensure our people a safe, healthy and a rewarding work environment, and externally contributing to the wellness of all communities in which we operate

Our commitment is to respect the environment that surrounds us, the communities in which we operate and the people who work with us, they are the heart of our GROUP!

Sigit support the UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, adheres and share the Ten Principles of the “United Nations Global Compact”.  We work for a better future!


The identity of our Company is founded on the cultural, material and immaterial heritage, created over more than 50 years of history. A wealth of experiences and values that coexist and are the trait d’union between a past that has its roots in post-war Italy where lived great dreamers and professionals who developed increasingly daring ideas reaching the technology that we apply today.

People who, whit their thrift, work and passion have been able to use their skills and ingenuity achieving projects contributing to the knowledge of all stakeholders of the automotive world.

the tradition and our past gave us the possibility to project us towards a future, that sees us among the protagonists of the industry 4.0

Thanks to our memory, we increase our experience and work for a better future.


Power is nothing without control and this key factor is well known in SIGIT.

Every single member of this extraordinary journey every day tries to create a better value for the company by improving the performance of our processes.

For this reason, here at SIGIT we have decided to be a leading partner of the extraordinary OPEN PLAST project.

OPEN PLAST is a mission that guides the company to create the way to work to boost the company in the future.


Sigit Academy was created in December 2016 as part of our focus on continuous  improvement with the goal to  enable  sharing and spreading of our best practices and, at the same time, elevating our standards


The reputation of our Company honest, loyal and capable, in which we work and the One to do business with is one of our biggest assets. This is what we wish to pass on to our children and the future generations. To keep these values, which we trust are a competitive advantage, it is important that each of us in SOAG LLC believe, know, understand and adhere to this Code, which must become the lowest common denominator behind our decisions, actions and thoughts. While SOAG LLC continues to grow and succeed, the commitment of our society for ethical conduct must become our main driver. SOAG LLC is entering new markets and expanding its business year after year, it is our duty, observe the highest standard of ethical conduct.


SIGIT is in compliance with health and safety rules, in the countries in which it operates, and pays the utmost attention to the workers safety.
In this context, the following must be taken into consideration:
The preventive activity dedicated to organize the work processes, to ensure the use of machines and plants are technologically safe and comply with standards.
Modernization of workstations targeted to the improvement and satisfaction of the ergonomic conditions.
Reduction or substitution of raw materials free of hazardous substances, in compliance with the  policies, the European Standards and the rules established by the production chain Supplier-customer.
Health of employees through targeted  and continuous health monitoring activities, designed to prevent the onset of disease and illness by ensuring a reasonable workload and psycho-physical commitment  that are  daily provided by our employees.

The staff is regularly involved in specific health and safety training activities in order to safeguard  their own and others’ safety during the course of daily work activities.
The company undertakes periodic audits to monitor the adherence  to health and safety measures in the sites, with aim of continuous improvement of safety indexes.
Workplace safety is one of the main goals here in SIGIT, a goal to strongly  commit  to avoid any accident or injury at work.